Mad Catz Round 1 TE Stick (REMIX)



Re-did my Round 1 TE Stick a while back with the TE-S Wooden Sides from

Basically my intent was to sort of keep the look & feel of the TE-S sides but add a wood texture for a more natural (male) enhancement. I felt that the wood flows pretty well coupled with my Alpha/Young Ryu template that I’ve been using. I took the TE-S sides and using a propane torch burned the wood grain. Then I sanded them down to get rid of the char and ash. What you’re left with is a really cool, “old” and aged look. Then I taped off the burned portions to fill & paint all of the angled portions flat black. This way when you’re looking that the stick from a top-down view the now painted black portions flow with the control panel. After painting all of the angles black I stained the burned portions with a cherry wood varnish.